We provide a full range of expert consulting services. We work with you to develop and implement the best plan(s) for meeting your transportation, environmental and safety objectives.
Training courses are presented at your locations across the country. We have more than 40+ years experience in enforcement, emergency response, logistics and transportation and consistently receive outstanding reviews for knowledge, high marks for making the classes entertaining and relaxed and making complex regulatory material easy-to-understand.
Our consulting services include:
  • Hazardous materials/dangerous goods transportation training courses (including 49CFR, ADR/RID, ICAO/IATA, IMDG Code, SCT and TDG)
  • Hazardous materials compliance audits
  • Development of hazardous materials plans and procedures
  • Assistance with Special Permit applications
  • SARA Title III compliance and reporting
  • Hazardous materials classification
  • Hazardous materials security plan assessment and development (including 6 CFR, Part 27, Appendix A or the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards CFATS)
  • Assistance with the Global Harmonization of Chemicals (GHS)
  • Assistance with the Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH)
  • Our products include:
  • Customized written Hazardous Materials training programs for ground, air, ocean, Canadian, Mexican, HAZWOPER (Hazardous Material Technician level) and Radiological Worker Safety (Level I)
  • Hazardous Materials training at your site
  • Hazardous Materials written security plans
  • Cargo securement programs
  • Hazardous Materials transportation expert witness testimony
  • Driver training
  • Whatever your needs, JEB Environmental Services, LLC can help you address them. Let our wealth of experience, attention to detail, and outstanding customer service go to work for you.