J.E.B. Environmental Services, LLC

Christopher A. Palabrica

President, Renewed Performance Company

“Jim has a wealth of knowledge about hazardous materials management. We developed and delivered a comprehensive corporate training program that challenged the seasoned professionals while still providing a solid learning environment for people new to the profession”

Wallace Gowin

Director, Global Corporate Security, Asia Pacific at Mead Johnson Nutrition

“Jim Is an outstanding instructor and expert on Hazmat material storage, shipping and spill management, to name a few items. I have found him to be a creative instructor who is able to speak directly to sometimes lower educated staff, up to highly educated staff and make them understand the concepts that are required to do their job. He goes out of his way to make the time available to his clients and I recommend him to others.”

Charlie Brandenburg

SR. Manager, Corporate EHS at Tennant Company

“Jim’s knowledge of hazardous materials is unmatched. His expertise in the transportation of hazardous materials and his ability to take that expertise and teach others has been crucial in ensuring that we have the ability to handle hazardous materials appropriately.”