Our Training Services

Our training programs have been consistently rated as EXCELLENT for the past 14 years. J.E.B. Environmental Services, LLC continually strives to empower and enable the “Hazmat Employee” and create a positive and stress-free training environment. Our core business is identifying the requirements of our clients and tailoring the training to specific applications, all the while meeting the training requirements specified in appropriate regulations. We do not offer courses in a “one size fits all” approach.

Who Needs Hazardous Materials Training?

Hazardous materials/dangerous goods training is the law! The United States Department of Transportation (US-DOT), International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the European Union (EU) and other regulatory bodies require that anyone meeting the definition of a “Hazmat Employee” receive training that will familiarize them with the safety and risks associated with materials regulated as hazmat in transportation. Simply put, this means anyone having a direct effect on the safe transport of hazardous materials/dangerous goods in your company is required by law to be trained.

Some examples of hazmat employees include:

  • Cargo Handlers
  • Drivers
  • Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods Managers
  • Production Supervisors
  • Purchasing Agents
  • Receiving Personnel
  • Regulatory Affairs Coordinators
  • Shipping Clerks
  • Shipping Supervisors
  • Warehouse Personnel

In addition to training(s) specified, all hazmat employees must be tested and certified to verify comprehension and application of the subject matter to their real world job situations. J.E.B. Environmental Services, LLC training services include:

  • Customized on-site training
  • Development of customized training materials (site specific, material specific and/or modal specific)

What They Are Saying

J.E.B. Environmental Services, LLC – one of the best hazardous materials training companies for more than a decade!

Mr. William T. Stenhouse

DDKS Site Manager

“This letter of appreciation is to attest to the outstanding support, customer service commitment and dedication that J.E.B. Environmental Services, LLC has given to Defense Logistics Agency, Defense Distribution Kuwait Southeast Asia (DDKS). Due to JEB’s outstanding services provided, DDKS was able to meet critical contract timelines and key contract requirements. J.E.B. Environmental Services classroom and practical training coupled with JEB’s consultation services reduced DDKS sir and overland Hazmat cargo rejections/frustrations by 60% over 3 years. DDKS hazardous materials shipments have been applauded by the U.S. Air Force and CAV International (a sub contracted aerial port service provide to the U.S. Government in Kuwait) as ‘Model Air Pallets, which we use to show other shippers how hazmat should be shipped’. We extend our sincerest appreciation to Mr. James Boehringer for his unwavering support and loyalty to the DDKS operations, and commend his integrity, expertise and leadership.”

John D’Aloia, CDGP, CTP

Supply Chain and Logistics Professional

“I have had the opportunity to work with J.E.B. Environmental Services, LLC in the hazardous materials field for the last 10 years. They are professional in every sense of the word. The company provides excellent customer service in hazardous materials training, security plans, cargo securement, driver training and special permits. If you need assistance in any of these areas, I would recommend contacting Jim at J.E.B. Environmental Services, LLC."

Christopher A. Palabrica

President, Renewed Performance Company

“Jim has a wealth of knowledge about hazardous materials management. We developed and delivered a comprehensive corporate training program that challenged the seasoned professionals while still providing a solid learning environment for people new to the profession.”

Carrie Wayne

Global Manager-Transportation Safety and Regulatory Compliance, Honeywell International

“I have known Jim for 20 years and I never cease to be amazed by his level of knowledge and his ability to make a difficult subject easy to understand and enjoyable. Jim is incredibly intelligent, yet brings a down to earth approach to his training and consulting projects. He has traveled all over the world teaching the importance of regulatory compliance and is a highly respected member of the global dangerous goods training community. Jim has extensive experience in developing training curricula, and can easily customize to ensure the delivered training is applicable to the customer’s needs. I have recommended Jim many times in the past and will continue to do so in the future. I truly admire Jim and consider him a trusted colleague and very dear friend.”

Charlie Brandenburg

SR. Manager, Corporate EHS at Tennant Company

“Jim’s knowledge of hazardous materials is unmatched. His expertise in the transportation of hazardous materials and his ability to take that expertise and teach others has been crucial in ensuring that we have the ability to handle hazardous materials appropriately.”

Wallace Gowin

Director, Global Corporate Security, Asia Pacific at Mead Johnson Nutrition

“Jim Is an outstanding instructor and expert on Hazmat material storage, shipping and spill management, to name a few items. I have found him to be a creative instructor who is able to speak directly to sometimes lower educated staff, up to highly educated staff and make them understand the concepts that are required to do their job. He goes out of his way to make the time available to his clients and I recommend him to others.”